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Every day at CMO, we take small steps towards positive renewal and development, encouraging everyone to actively contribute to the company’s overall improvement.

We value people who are eager to take on new challenges and are committed to helping our company grow.

This is why we are looking for new talents willing to assist us in making continuous improvements to our manufacturing processes, engineering skills and business management, as well as in building a culture where people can learn, grow, and advance in their careers across different functions.

Apply for a job and join our team to catch the challenges of today and tomorrow!

It’s always necessary to trigger a mechanism that stimulates co-workers and employees to give their best, not just for a question of budgets and turnovers, but to help them every day to be better than the day before.

Focus on our people

At CMO Group we value our people as they are a key element for our success. For us it is extremely important to enhance each person’s individual capabilities and potential through constant development and training.


Here at CMO your ideas matter. Working on a project that you are passionate about adds value to our company. This is why we strongly believe that our employees must have the autonomy to express new ideas and points of view so that they have the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth of the entire group.


CMO stands for excellence in Europe and around the world. Our decisive advantages are technological superiority and technical diversity, and our people’s skills and ideas are what drives us forward in terms of high quality and technological innovation.

Work alongside the best Universities

Here at CMO, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the best Italian universities and scientific research institutions, as well as meet with the most important clients at trade shows and technical gatherings with the aim of ensuring that our production plants are always of the highest possible quality. For example, we are working with the Politecnico of Milan to study new conductive materials and their potential applications.

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