Since 1985, CMO Group has acted as a business partner for some of the most important multinational companies operating in the field of power transmission and distribution (ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Legrand, General Electric).


1983: Claudio Ongis revealed the new lathe that would change his future and that of many others.

1985: The family company CMO (Costruzioni Meccaniche Organizzate) was founded.

1991: This family business joined the wider industrial world by opening its first production plant in Desio (Milan).

1995: CMO acquired a multinational company as its principal customer.

The company pursued a policy of expansion outside Italy, attending trade fairs to attract new European customers.

2000: It acquired two branches of the ABB group, located in the Bergamo area.

2002: The first automated machining line for producing small batches was introduced.

2004: A new 8,000 square metre production plant was opened in Cesano Maderno (Milan).
The CMO industrial group was formally established. This would go on to develop and become a player in the electromechanical sector in Europe.

2005: CMO Group invested in the CMO business, opening a new production facility in Tunisia with a highly trained and expert workforce, and offering very competitive labour costs. The company's management and staff were all Italian.

2008: The Group made innovation its main focus and strengthened its collaboration with the best suppliers of raw materials in Europe. It worked in partnership with customers to develop new technologies and components.

2011: The Group continued to invest outside Italy, this time moving into Slovakia. The company was still managed by the group and served as a valuable logistics hub, in order to provide the best possible service for customers.

2012: In line with its long-standing approach centred on internal innovation, the Group started to invest in innovative start-ups operating in the Green Energy sector.

2015: Through its branch in the hydraulic sector, CMO Group acted as a partner on the design a patent for the bike industry.

2016: It opened an automated line for punching copper and aluminium bars, with 5 new fully automated machining islands.

2018: CMO acquired an his historical hot forging supplier to improve his technology portofolio and his know-how. The control of the hot forging process to better satisfy the customer's requests and to be more competitive on the market

CMO Group is now considered one of the top 3 players in Europe, and works with the Milan Polytechnic to study new conductive materials and their potential applications.


CMO Group has a wide range of expertise, represented by the different companies it presents to customers, including CMO, Tecnofluid, AirWork, Sebec, Tunitek, and Kovitec.

Depending on the customers's needs, CMO Group decides where and how to undertake production to best meet requirements.

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