The CMO philosophy is based on continuous improvement.

Attention is constantly focused on progress and technology, but without ever compromising the well-being of employees.

We are constantly upgrading our production machines, allocating repetitive and alienating tasks to them. This ensures that the operator is the real added value of the company, and is as interested and involved as possible.

The future of CMO Group advances through technological progress and the added value offered to customers by our employees.

CMO Group aims to promote both the mechanised and the human aspects and to preserve this balance, enabling the company to maintain its leading role in the electromechanical market and achieve twofold success, by improving the welfare of our workforce and the profits of our customers.


The Group champions the use of the latest tools for product analysis and management at its production plants.

We use a range of methods to speed up processes and boost efficiency, with smartphones to manage maintenance, automated systems for environmental management, and online communications with the customer.

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