CMO Group is a collection of people who find inspiration in making continuous improvements to manufacturing processes, engineering skills and business management.

Every day, we take small steps towards positive renewal and development, encouraging every person to make a contribution, so that the overall effect becomes a process of selection and improvement for the whole company.


For CMO Group, putting the customer first means making decisions that safeguard their interests, seeking out win-win strategies every time that develop the relationship into a genuine technical and productive partnership.


R&D, scouting for high-tech machinery and for automated solutions involving flexibility, quality analysis systems and software to speed up production processes: these are some of the themes that CMO Group pursues in meetings with machinery manufacturers, Italian universities and scientific research institutions, and at trade shows and technical gatherings, to ensure their production plants are always of the highest possible standard.


CMO Group is multi-faceted, offering a wide range of services. It not only manufactures mechanical parts using varied production techniques, but also provides many related services to facilitate and improve customer experience, ensuring they are fully satisfied.

Consignement Stock, Kanban, MAF, lot tracking, worldwide shipments, EDI, and a web portal: these are just some of the ancillary services we provide for customers.


CMO Group seeks to excel in various specialist technologies and processes: milling, turning, punching, bending, water-jet cutting, brazing, cutting, welding and 3D folding.

CMO Group constantly invests in these processes in terms of both effort and research, making it one of the top groups in Europe supplying the electromechanical industry.


The sum of our actions determines our relationships with customers. Standards of service, adherence to delivery dates and production lead times are indicators that are monitored daily at the Group's various facilities.


What would technology be without humanity? What is humanity without a spirit of enthusiasm?

We believe that enthusiasm is the engine of every business, and we promote a passion for work in our company. We delight in solving our customers' problems, and in finding new ways for personal growth.

Our Lean Human programme focuses on the individual development and empowerment of our employees, with the aim of making work a means towards self-realisation.

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