The Group has production plants in Italy, Slovakia and Tunisia. The plants produce copper and aluminium components using a range of techniques which include:

  • Mechanical turning and milling operations;
  • Punching and bending of flat and round bars and tubes;
  • Braze-welding of copper components and contacts with silver alloy plates;
  • Water-jet and laser cutting for the production of prototypes;
  • Blanking of electrical contacts;
  • Assembly of mounting kit and sub-assemblies.


CMO Group goes beyond the basics.

We provide an additional service to help the customer either design new products or upgrade of existing ones, planning or improving components to reduce production costs and enhance performance, or offering new alternative solutions.

Our technical design department will assist customers during the Co-Engineering phase, to create both new prototypes and finished products.


CMO Group offers a range of services that have been specially
designed to meet all of its customers' supply requirements.

  • Stock consignment
  • Kanban (rapid replacement of stocks as they are consumed)
  • Scheduled delivery plan
  • Material in stock service (pieces ready and available immediately)
  • Logistic Agreements


We offer to our customers the fullest possible information with regard to the product requested, including progress reports during the production phase.

We try to ensure that the finished product is available close to the site of the customer's business, in terms of time and space. Our warehouse may be located close to the customers, so that when the need arises they can collect items themselves without losing any time due to delivery schedules.

All product batches are individually identified by means of a barcode system, ensuring they can be quickly located in the warehouse.


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